Action Drilling Co

ACTION DRILLING & MAINTENANCE Co. is an emerging onshore drilling company that provides drilling services to the oil and natural gas industry through the use of high-specification drill rigs We have one of the newest and most technologically advanced fleets in the Middle East. Our Rigs are all state-of-the-art, high specification units, which benefit from a proven design and highly developed construction techniques. In 2013, we conceived this entity in technical collaboration with SUN DRILLING, Kazakhstan and established drilling operations under their management team of highly-experienced, respected and dedicated industry professionals.
We provide the following Drilling Services -

  • Exploration Oil &Gas drilling.
  • Development / Appraisal drilling.
  • Work-Over operations.
  • Water well drilling.
  • Vertical drilling.
  • Directional drilling.
  • Horizontal drilling.
  • Side Track drilling.
  • Coring.