About Us

Action Consultancy Bureau offers professional consultancy services to businesses interested in the fastest growing markets of the Middle East, through three of its operational divisions:
  • The Oil and Energy Division
    Covers all facets, issues and projects in this important business sector in Kuwait and in the Gulf.
  • The Strategic, Economic and Management Division
    Covers all aspects of Economic and Managerial Consultancy ... from advice, to development of strategies and detailed action plans, to active participation in reorganizational and training programmes.
  • The Business Logistics and Support Division An action-oriented umbrella providing critically needed back-up support to international organizations with business involvement in Kuwait and the Gulf. It also supports a few select non-oil businesses in Kuwait.

ACB Team

ACB has a nucleus of highly skilled and qualified senior management, a well-chosen wealth of Consultants, a capable dynamic middle management, and a scarce back-up staff with diversified training in the relevant areas. ACB is a formidable team of Achievers with an overriding loyalty to their professions and total dedication to the goals and work philosophy and ethical culture of the company. Key human assets have no less than 25 years experience in the practicalities, realities and complexities of oil and business in the Gulf with the added depth of proven academic excellence to their credit. This small - but highly effective - core of “Achievers” ensures competitiveness, while their recognized status in the relevant industries gives access to an infinite pool of remarkable diversified resources. This added advantage provides dynamism and flexibility with minimum overheads.